Professional Electronics Repair

We're celebrating 25 years of professional electronics repair by expanding our repair and operations services in 2023. An all new website with tens of thousands of components, tools, supplies, hobbies, and educational toys is coming very soon to

But we're really here to repair your electronic device. No matter where you are or what your problem, just message to let us know how we can help. Please use our contact form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Professional ASIC Repair

We're known for getting cryptocurrency workers back online fast! Bitmain, Innosilicon, Cannan, Whatsminer, Goldshell - whatever you have we likely have an ASIC Surgeon who can repair it. We're now accepting low volume requests (5 or more workers) as well as our traditional batch services.

We are extremely active in the Antminer Repair Discord channel - please visit; maybe we can get yours going again!

Professional Laser Module, Diode, and Tube Repair

We repair all kinds of laser modules quickly and for less than replacement - Glowforge, NEJE, XTool, Monoport, LaserPecker, Ortur, OMTech, Flux, Atomstack, FoxAlien, Sculpfun, Epilog, and more.

Message us with your model and problem; maybe we can help you get it back working!

Professional 3D Printer Repair

Most extruders fail from overheating; and not the heater. Our ASIC surgeons can repair your extrusion control modules as well as some extrusion heads themselves. Prusa, Dremel, Utilimaker, Makerbot, Monoprice, Anycubic, Creality, Toybox, LulzBot, AnkerMake, Elegoo, and many more.

Message us with the details and any error messages and we'll get to work!

Telecommunications, Audio, and Video Equipment Repair

Our owner's electrical repair background goes back to the 1990s when he was a broadcast technician for Clear Channel Communications. If it modulates, we can fix it. Vintage radio tuners and receivers, tube TVs, 8 track, Reel to Reel, vintage computers and circuits, and many more.

Message us with the model and failure information and we'll see what we can do!

Collocation Hosting

Our Tulsa collocation site offers up to 2mw from on site captured natural gas with a further 6mw available for buildout. Our two mains facilities in Kansas City Missouri offer up to 750kw at each facility at market rate. Our collocation services are perfect for owners who would like truly passive income or need a dedicated team to service and maintain their assets.

Site Management Services

No matter the size of your deployment, The ASIC Hospital can work with your operations team to find missing efficiencies, manage and repair workers on site, and facilitate asset swaps or procurement.

Our Process Makes The Difference

Our proprietary Triage process evaluates your equipment before any repairs are completed. This allows you to select what get repaired, salvaged, or junked based on the level of repair needs. We fully document all components and submit written quotes to you for approval. You're always in control of your repairs and budget.

Protecting Your Assets

The ASIC Hospital started in 2019 out of need - our company president had to fix his own cryptocurrency workers. He's been into electronics since the 1990's and slowly expanded his services. Since 2019, the ASIC Hospital has expanded to 3 sites, a fully equipped laboratory, and handles multiple types of electronics every day.


Let's be honest - your equipment is worth a lot of money, no matter the make or model. Asset protection is of our highest priority. We have $1M of coverage for any and all work we do, and for batch work, we add you as an additional insured to our umbrella policy while your assets are with us.


We're open 24 hours so your assets are always overlooked by employees or security; many times both. We also don't publicize or allow non-employees to access our sites.


Each ASIC Surgeon has over 500 repairs and is trained and tested in house. Our ASIC Trainees are assigned a particular model line and are overseen by an ASIC Quality Manager.

The ASIC Ambulance

20 or more cryptocurrency workers, large volume, or large items need repair? We'll send our ASIC Ambulance to your site and return your equipment when finished. We prefer our service as our packaging and carriers limit the physical damage seen on UPS and FedEx parcels. Our fee is significantly lower than LTL services.

ASIC Surgeon On-Site

If your repair team needs some on site training or short term assistance with repairs, we can dispatch an ASIC Ambulance with two ASIC Surgeons for a nominal and fair fee.

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